Singapore Ready to Remove PAP Govt After 61 Years. GE2020

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, June 23, 2020
  • The Day Has Arrived! Singapore Can Free Itself of the 61 year PAP Stranglehold

    Change can happen quickly, and I tell you in this video, it takes just a DAY to make changes. 1 day to remove the democracy-crushing POFMA law, 1 day to remove the Reserved Presidency, 1 day to rip up the PAP policy for a 10 million population, 1 day to give access to CPF at age 55, 1 day to rip up the plan for the 2% GST hike.
    Just a day my fellow Singaporeans, and that day is July 10th....

    A short while ago I shot this video from my office after hearing the news like many of you that the PAP have dissolved our Parliament and will be sending the citizens of Singapore to the polls.
    I shot this short video during which I say that this is a cruel course of action for the PAP to bestow upon people during a time when the entire nation is still reeling from the Covid Pandemic. We are still experiencing triple digit new cases every day and yet the PAP want to use this time to sneak in their own political agenda.
    But my fellow Singaporeans, we are ready as a party, we are ready along with our fellow opposition and we are ready as a nation as it is clear we have had enough, and it is now the time for the changes we need for a better future.
    Lim Tean
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