Why we do this?

All over the world there are experiences waiting for us just around the corner.

But simply walking out the door and hoping it will work out is a recipe for boredom and repetition. Searching for top ten lists ends up with you standing in long lines for overpriced venues.

For years we explored nightlife areas looking for hidden gems, and each time we had a great night we tried to work out how we could reproduce it somewhere else. With a bit of luck and a lot of study, we finally cracked it.

Whether it was Singapore, London, or Melbourne, there was a method of having a great night that worked. We started encoding this method into an algorithm that we could share with the world.

With backgrounds in statistics and psychology and a year of work developing our unique spatial recommendation engine, we are very excited to provide our first demonstration of WhereTo.ai

We hope our app helps you have the night of your life.