How is this different to Google Maps or a ‘top ten’ list?

The big difference between Whereto.ai and other nightlife websites is that we give you a recommendation of the best areas of a city for the ‘vibe’ you’re looking for, rather than a specific venue like a restaurant or bar. We think this is a much better way to help you have a good night out, because you’re free to explore the area yourself and create your own magic.

What do the numbers on the map mean?

Our algorithm searches for the best areas for your night out and ranks them in order of appeal based on your preferences. If you’re new to the city, we recommend you go to the area marked ‘1’. If you don’t like a recommendation, you can always click the dislike button (thumbs down icon) and we will delete it for you and update the map with another area that fits your needs.

How do you decide what to recommend to me?

Our algorithm is based on a spatial statistics model that draws data from public and proprietary maps online. We look at every venue of interest within a city and identify the areas that have the highest ‘density’ of venues that fit your needs. What this means for you is that once you choose which area you want to go to, you can leave your house knowing that you’ve maximized your chances of having a great time.

Why can’t I see my city?

Our algorithm is developing fast, but it currently only knows about the existence of cities we think of ourselves. Right now we are still trying to get an idea of which cities people are interested in, so if you think there’s somewhere we should add, please let us know!

Who are you guys?

Whereto.ai is a product of Mirror Analytics , a Data Science company based in Australia. We have backgrounds in statistics and psychology, as well as previous experiences in the entertainment industry and event management. Whereto.ai is our first demonstration of the power of combining psychology, statistics, and online learning to create a better experience for people doing something we all love to do - experiencing a city’s nightlife.